Redistributing my tax rebate: £621.97 up for grabs

Tax rebateWith understandable concern I opened a letter from HMRC on Saturday morning. Fearing the worst – the need to make up for a shortfall in tax owing – the exact opposite happened.

The HMRC owed me £2,460.97.

This was somewhat unexpected, and I immediately recognised my good fortune, especially when others getting much worse news from the taxman in the post.

And it was this thought of others getting bad news that, though I realised the money the HMRC owed me was mine, I made the mental note of it still being less money that the government has to use on public services. Not only this, but that the government is making swathes of cuts many of which I disagree with (disability benefits to take just one example) which are leaving many people and organisations facing an uncertain, or horribly certain, future.

It was then that a small idea took hold: to take some of my tax rebate and give it to an organisation making a difference in their local community. It’s a small gesture, but one I hope lets people know there are plenty of people who do believe in the public service for which they work.

So, in the spirit of transparency, here’s the breakdown of my £2,460.97 tax rebate and where it’s going:

  • £1,430 for savings. We have a one-year-old and one income. We’ve been clobbered by the change in child benefit (which I happen to agree with) and so the rebate will more than offset this for a year
  • £30 for a little present for my long-suffering wife (no explanation required)
  • I’ve bought a laptop for £359 (plus £20 postage) (my iBook died 3 years ago and I’ve not replaced it, so a Dell is magically winging its way to me as I type)
  • The remainder is therefore £621.97, which is the amount I’ll be giving away.

Who is it going to go to? That’s where you come in. I essentially don’t mind and want people to tweet me their suggestions as follows:

  • Suggestions can be direct from the organisation, or someone who likes them
  • They should in 140 characters or less and say why the organisation should have the money
  • The organsiation would ideally based in London or South West, so I can give them the cheque in person
  • Given personal interests, the organisation may have something to do with equality or public sector reform (though they don’t have to)
  • Send your suggestions to @rich_w or leave them in the comments below by 13 December. Please use the tag #richrebate if you can.

Apart from these 4 points, that’s it! The final choice will be made my me, Mrs W and Oscar, and you’re welcome to spread the message of this offer as far and as wide as you like.


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