Cameron’s new language #irony highlight

Oh, Lord Young. One casual slip suggesting we’ve “never had it so good” and you’re gone.

There’s no messing with that David Cameron, is there? I mean, as he himself has said, he

believes, at this difficult time, politicians need to be careful with their choice of words – these words are as offensive as they are inaccurate.

It’s not the first time David Cameron has suggested politicians be careful with their language; the last time he said it, I noted he’d said it, and offered a few examples of his Cabinet colleagues who weren’t playing ball.

Even then, George Osborne followed up with a couple of belters of his own:

A welfare cheat is like a mugger who robs you on the street (source)


The recovery halted. The return of crippling economic instability. Britain back on the brink (source)

Even the quiet man of politics, Iain Duncan Smith, got in on the act, moralising about welfare recipients.

I don’t know about you, but it’s almost as if the Prime Minister has one rule for some and another rule for others.

Surprising, this, since we’re all in it together.


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