YouTune no.27: Brothers in Arms (West Wing edition)

Apologies for the lack of proper posting over the last week. Work has rudely interrupted what was getting to be quite a nice blogging habit.

Anyway, easing myself back into the driving seat I find myself reaching for the comfort of a YouTunes entry.

I had always been a fan of Dire Straits, mainly because I was a keen guitar player in my youth. You may rightly ask the question: what kind of kid wants to play Dire Straits on his guitar instead of, say, Nirvana? And you’d be right to ask the question. I merely note that that’s the kind of kid I was.

So imagine my utter delight when the Season 2 finale of West Wing combined some of the finest television drama there has ever been with Brothers in Arms.

Here, for your absolute pleasure, is the finale (spoilers):

If you know of any other brilliant soundtrack like this, do please share it in the comments.


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