Churchill: nuts bad for the brain

I figure you know the famous stuff well, which is why I’m concentrating on the miscellanea (plus if I wasn’t as ‘disciplined’ as this, I’d be blogging the entire book, page by page). This week, I loved Churchill’s verdict on diets, in a letter to the Minister of Food:

I am glad you do not set too much store by the reports of the Scientific Committee. Almost all of the food faddists I have ever known, nut-eaters and the like, have died young after a long period of senile decay. The British soldier is far more likely to be right than the scientists. All he cares about is beef. […] The way to lose the war is to try to force the British public into a diet of milk, oatmeal, potatoes, etc, washed down on gala occasions with a little lime juice.

And this, not from WSC himself but from Arthur Balfour in 1909, deployed by Jenkins to illustrate the point that Churchill – who in late 1938 was in serious danger of being ousted by his constituency party association, which disapproved of his (Churchill’s) Commons rebuking of Chamberlain for the then PM’s appeasement of Hitler in Munich – was not alone in finding political activists frustrating:

I have the greatest respect for the Conservative party conference, but I would no more consult it on a matter of high policy than I would my valet.

I have about a quarter of the book remaining. If you can’t wait to hear more, find me on Twitter @philblogs. For the rest of you: I expect Rich to be back in the saddle any minute now!


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