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I’m not saying this just because I’m a leftie, but the Guardian’s coverage of the public sector over the last few months has been particularly good.

With the Society supplement every Wednesday it was always pretty good, but in its fair and generally measured coverage and perspectives on both the cuts themselves and the impact they will have – particularly in the areas I know best (disability, social care, health and benefits) – the Gruad has surpassed itself.

To this end, Patrick Butler’s cuts blog looks like a further excellent addition to the paper’s coverage. He’s managed to persuade the Redundant Public Servant and Flip Chart Fairy Tales as contributors as well, which overall makes for a blog of the highest potential and one that will have an authentic and incredibly well-informed voice throughout.

Do read it.

(Declaration: It’s right that I note Patrick has kindly linked to various posts here in his Society Daily bulletin.)

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