Social Care Commission – 2 months on (updated)

[I] have asked them to come back to us within two months with the criteria against which they are going to assess the proposals, the solutions that they come up with. I think it is perfectly reasonable for them to look at that question that you ask in the context of how they are to set their own criteria for judging the proposals that they bring forward.

That was Andrew Lansley, speaking to the Health Select Committee on 20 July 2010 (see Q49) on the timescale he set for the Commission on the Funding of Care and Support to announce the criteria on which it will be judging the proposals it makes.

The Commission was launched on the same day as his evidence session (20 July 2010), meaning that today (20 September) is Lansley’s self-imposed deadline for those criteria to be published – a point I’ve noted before.

Even though the Commission’s website hasn’t been updated since it was launched – 2 months ago (obviously), or 62 days ago if you prefer – and though the Commission’s website has, on occasion, been out of action, I am looking forward to reading the Commission’s criteria before the end of today.

(To understand how the Commission will have reached its criteria, I have also submitted a Freedom of Information request, which I shall blog on in due course.)

Update: Sure enough, there was no news from the Commission yesterday on the criteria it is going to use. Nor were there any updates on the website regarding when we could expect to hear anything on this.

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