YouTune no.25: Losing Sleep (and sitting in the bathtub)

A bumper edition of YouTune this: for the casual listener-viewer, the latest from Edwyn Collins, a cracking slice of old fashioned beat-driven melodic pop. I heard this previewed live when Edwyn played the Bloomsbury Ballroom last November, and it’s nestled in my brain ever since.

And then for those of you with a little more time on your hands (and not in an office: it’s borderline NSFW) you really must check out the video to Heathen Child by Grinderman. Founded by Nick Cave and three of the other Bad Seeds as a chance to hang loose and have a little more fun, Grinderman have just released their second album, which this is from.

To try to sum up this video in words would be to do it a serious injustice. But it gives me great pleasure to know that it was directed by John Hillcoat, who was responsible for the recent cinematic adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road which, as I found when I read it a few months ago, is the bleakest book in the world ever. How wonderfully incongruous!
Find more videos like this on Edwyn Collins


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