Government #cuts language: irony alert!

This from David Cameron:

We will be challenging lobby groups that are making inflammatory arguments. We will take their claims on. We will highlight when it is irresponsible to make statements like that.

This from the coalition government who gave you:

People who think it is a lifestyle to sit on out-of-work benefits… that lifestyle choice is going to come to an end. The money will not be there for that lifestyle choice. (George Osborne)


Massive overspends, tragic delays, botched construction projects and needless bureaucracy (Michael Gove)


I am staggered by the scale of the expenditure on management consultants in the NHS. Even at a time when it became clear that the nation’s borrowing was out of control, Labour allowed wasteful spending to blossom (Andrew Lansley)


I have implemented a ban on all new IT spend so we are not incontinently just procuring more and more IT. There has been a moratorium on advertising and marketing which means the Whitehall communications directorate has been able to get a grip of this relentless, reckless spending, often in quangos (Francis Maude)


In Britain now we have workforces that are locked to areas and the result of that is we have over five-and-a-half million people of working age who simply don’t do a job… Sometimes you just need to be able to move to the work (Iain Duncan Smith)

Good to see that the coalition government still has a sense of humour whilst they’re busy with the work of gutting Britain’s long-term future.


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