YouTune no.20: Do I love you? Yes I love you…

Some music you can – and I do – deconstruct. Some songs can be easily broken down into their constituent parts: the percussive, the melodic, the lyric. Some songwriting you can admire on strictly cerebral terms. But now and again you have such a simple, deep and unquestioning relationship with a song, or an album, or an artist, that analysis is entirely redundant. The Blue Nile are, for me, this rare kind of band. What a voice that man has; what soul. Here’s one of the very few high quality videos of them performing live. Joyful.


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2 thoughts on “YouTune no.20: Do I love you? Yes I love you…”

  1. While thinking up new and interesting ways to convince local authorities that User Led Organisations are as useful and essential as we know them to be, I paused Courtney Love to try out this Blue Nile.
    No, no, no, no.

  2. Hey Ellen – (trying to hold back tears of dismay at another human being not sharing my passion for the Blue Nile) – thanks for trying! Given it was Courtney Love you had to put on pause, can I meekly suggest that The Hold Steady (YouTune no.18) might be more up your street?

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