Eric Pickles: comedian (part 2)

After part 1 comes part 2 – a speech to the LGA:

It was a bit like local government was a fifteen year old girl with really strict parents.
They let you go down the dance for the first time.

But then totally cramped your style by parking round the corner to watch what you were up to and made you go home at half past nine.

Not so much ‘total place’. More like ‘know your place’.

I don’t want to be the Dad hanging round the corner. You can get yourselves down the dance. You can stay out all night if you want. Let your hair down – before it all goes like mine.

It’s obviously just a style thing. But on a topic like Total Place (or what might replace it), which Pickles himself says is considered hugely important by the PM, the Deputy PM and the Chancellor, I’d have liked to see something more serious.


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