Housing benefit cuts

Let’s just remind ourselves, once again, of David Cameron’s words on the doorstep of Number 10:

I want to make sure that my government always looks after the elderly, the frail, the poorest in our country.

Got that? Now try this:

Almost a million of the poorest people in Britain will lose on average £12 a week next year – a drop of up to 17% of their disposable income, according to a government analysis of housing benefits cuts announced in last month’s budget.

The figures show that 170,000 pensioners, 240,000 low-paid workers and half a million others will be affected.

The greatest impact will be felt by the unemployed, who will have to find an extra £11 a week to pay their rents – their jobseeker’s allowance is £65.

How’s that promise working out for you, Dave?


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