Friday puzzle, no.27 (taking a breather edition) (updated)

There have been 22 posts since the last Friday puzzle, which is remarkable. For that reason there won’t be a puzzle as such this week, though the normal collection of links will remain.

First, the answer to the last puzzle:

Two friends were driving from their home to Manchester, Kevin drove the first 90 miles, and Daniel took over the remainder of the journey. On the way back, Kevin drove to begin with, and Daniel took over for the last 100 miles. Who drove the most?

The answer is Kevin Daniel [see comments below].

Other links:

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3 thoughts on “Friday puzzle, no.27 (taking a breather edition) (updated)”

  1. Isn’t it Daniel? He will always drive 20 miles more. If M is the one way distance from their home to Manchester (in miles) then the distances they each drive are:
    Did I miss something? Has my GCSE maths let me down?

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