Nick Clegg: revisionist

A fascinating interview with Nick Clegg on Channel 4 tonight.

Of many interesting things he said, the one I’m not that interested in is his assertion that:

This government as a whole doesn’t take a view on the legality of it.

“It” being the Iraq war. I’m not sure it is actually the case that the British government doesn’t take a view on the legality of the Iraq war, even if this government is different to the one that entered into it.

But by far the two most interesting, whiter-than-white assertions that Clegg made were as follows:

I don’t think it’s right for me to enter government and somehow completely airbrush out well-known personal views that I’ve held and expressed for a very long time…
I don’t think politics is well served by politicians falling utterly silent on things that they personally are well known to feel strongly about.

Let’s see:

And that’s the list of stuff that I’ve bothered to keep track of.

Clegg has a slightly revisionist feel to him, doesn’t he?


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