Discrimination against people with learning disabilities still rife

Fucking hell, this is depressing:

Discrimination against people with learning disabilities and misconceptions about their lives is still widespread in the UK, despite a string of high profile hate crime cases, a poll reveals today.

A third of Britons think those with such disabilities cannot live independently or do jobs, while almost a quarter imagined they would be living in care homes. Nearly one in ten (8%) expected them to be cared for in a secure hospital out of town.

A similar picture, based on stigma and misconception, holds for people with mental health conditions.

I’m afraid that those who say there isn’t a hierarchy of impairments when it comes to disability are wrong: there is, and it persists.


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One thought on “Discrimination against people with learning disabilities still rife”

  1. So true. My aspie daughter had epilepsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia and suffered serious head injuries in her teens. Through it all she attended main stream school & college and graduated with distinction. She now lives with her partner and is learning to drive. She has a first paying job with a charity but has never been able to get an interview for a job that she is well qualified. She is required to disclose her disabilties- oh I almost she is hearing impaired and will have an assistance dog. She does nit qualify for DLA. 90% of people with autism are unemployed. It makes my blood boil apologies for my rant

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