Friday puzzle, no.26 (keeping up edition)

We’re back on track with the blog this week, and are thus celebrating in style by actually publishing the Friday puzzle on a Friday.

First, the answer to last week’s puzzle:

During a recent school sports day, four girls were competing in the 400 metres hurdles. Official figures mysteriously went missing just after the event, however, various spectators could remember the following information: 1. Jane won and wore red. 2. The girl wearing number 1 came third. 3. Julie beat the girl in yellow, but wasn’t wearing number 2. 4. Only one girl finished in the same position as the number she wore, but she didn’t wear red. 5. Jackie beat the girl wearing number 3 and Josie wore yellow. 6. The girl in green wore number 2. 7. A spectator remembered one girl wore blue, but couldn’t remember anything else about her. Can you determine the positions the girls finished in, along with the numbers and colours they wore?

The answer is: First: Jane, 4, Red / Second: Jackie, 2, Green / Third: Julie, 1, Blue / Fourth: Josie, 3, Yellow

This week’s puzzle:

Two friends were driving from their home to Manchester, Kevin drove the first 90 miles, and Daniel took over the remainder of the journey. On the way back, Kevin drove to begin with, and Daniel took over for the last 100 miles. Who drove the most?

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