Friday puzzle, no. 25 (too much work edition)

The blog has suffered a little bit over the last week, as real world responsibilities infringed on the much more important issue of blogging. And so it is with a hope you realise we’ll try and make things better that we offer this week’s Friday puzzle.

First, the answer to last week’s puzzle:

Can you spell 100 valid words within 100 seconds? However they MUST NOT contain the letters A, B, C or D?

The answer could easily be yes or no, depending on how you did. A very quick and easy answer is just to count from 0 to 99. None of these numbers contains A, B, C or D.

Here’s this week’s puzzle:

During a recent school sports day, four girls were competing in the 400 metres hurdles. Official figures mysteriously went missing just after the event, however, various spectators could remember the following information: 1. Jane won and wore red. 2. The girl wearing number 1 came third. 3. Julie beat the girl in yellow, but wasn’t wearing number 2. 4. Only one girl finished in the same position as the number she wore, but she didn’t wear red. 5. Jackie beat the girl wearing number 3 and Josie wore yellow. 6. The girl in green wore number 2. 7. A spectator remembered one girl wore blue, but couldn’t remember anything else about her. Can you determine the positions the girls finished in, along with the numbers and colours they wore?

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