Friday puzzle, no.24 (the musical edition)

Is it just me, or are these Friday puzzles coming around rather quickly lately?

Here’s the answer to last week’s puzzle:

These words can all have a letter added and then be rearranged to make a new 5-letter word. The letters added spell a 9-letter word. What are the new words? HERB, BANG, KEEN, SUIT, QUAD, WHEY, CELL, TOIL, WILD.

The answer was BERTH, BEGAN, KNEEL, SUITE, SQUAD, CHEWY, CELLO, PILOT, WIELD, and the added letters spell TELESCOPE.

Here’s a quick, throwaway puzzle until next time:

Can you spell 100 valid words within 100 seconds? However they MUST NOT contain the letters A, B, C or D?”

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