YouTune no.18: Our songs are sing-along songs

Friday afternoon… report finished earlier than expected… Rich too busy doing wonderful work solving complex social problems to blog (loser)… perfect excuse for a second post in as many days. But in the spirit of the pre-weekend: a musical one, and no stats either!

The Hold Steady are my favourite band in the whole world. From the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, these fellas pump out joyfully positive, unabashedly anthemic, powerfully muscular rock ‘n’ roll. With spluttering, witty and self-deprecating lyrics, mostly about girls and parties. All sung by a short, middle-aged man who jumps about the stage smiling and clapping and generally having the time of his life. I mean, what’s not to love?

A couple of weeks ago I saw the band live for the second time, at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town, and they renewed my faith with an absolutely storming set, played at seemingly twice the pace and with double the energy as when I saw them at the Camden Roundhouse last year (and they were fantastic then).

No point in trying to convey the actual experience of being at the gig in all its sweaty glory, I’ll offer up this vid of them performing on the Letterman Show a couple of years ago instead, but if you’re at all enticed, then check out one or both of their best albums: Boys And Girls In America or Stay Positive. Avoid their most recent, Heaven Is Whenever, not because it’s shit, but just because it’s not as good as the other two. And have a lovely weekend.


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