EHRC calls for disability hate crime evidence

Several months back, I wrote a series of posts covering the topic of disability hate crime. These were prompted by the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s report into “Promoting the Safety and Security of Disabled People“, which noted that:

  • Disabled people are 4 times more likely to be victims of crime compared to non-disabled people
  • 47 per cent of disabled people had either experienced physical abuse or had witnessed physical abuse of a disabled companion
  • 75 per cent of people with mental health conditions and 66 per cent of those with learning difficulties experience being victims of crime

After the shocking case of Fiona and Franceca Pilkington and the subsequent announcement of an IPCC investigation, I welcomed the idea of understanding why cases such as theirs were allowed to happen and the opportunity to put in place measures to prevent reoccurrences.

Since then, the EHRC has been doing excellent work in its Formal Inquiry into disability-related harassment in Britain. On Monday, the Commission launched its request for evidence of how public bodies – such as councils, the police, transport operators, and schools – have dealt with issues relating to disability harassment.

If we are to address the issue of this continuing blight, we must understand the scale and scope of its current impact and how people respond to it. Thus, if you have any examples of disability-related harassment that you’re willing to share with the EHRC, or know of a local disabled people’s organisation who could help collate such examples, I urge you to get in touch with the Commission.

More information about the Inquiry and how to give evidence can be found on the Commission’s website, by sending an email to or by contacting the Commission’s helpline by telephone or textphone:

  • England: Telephone: 08456 046 610 Textphone: 08456 046 620
  • Scotland: Telephone: 08456 045 510 Textphone: 08456 045 520
  • Wales: Telephone: 08456 048 810 Textphone: 08456 048 820

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