We Are Enabled By Design event

I’m really looking forward to the “We Are Enabled By Design” event next week.

The purpose of the event is to

reframe the ageing/disability debate by looking at how universal design can help support independent (and stylish!) living.

Thinking well beyond the day-to-day requirements that many disabled and older people have simply to meet their care and support needs, Enabled by Design rightly takes the principles of Independent Living and continually makes the case that good design – in both the practical and stylistic sense – can and should make huge contributions to improve the overall quality of people’s lives. What I love about EbD’s approach is how ‘mainstream’ it is – it’s not just a separate disability-based issue; it’s one that everyone should be conscious of and can support. I also love the peer-based approach it takes, where people with common interests share their experiences through EbD.

And to reflect all of this, the event next week has two absolutely cracking speakers: Wayne Hemingway and Charles Leadbeater. Thus, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, pick some up here!

(Note: I know the organisers of the event. Even so, I’d encourage you to go anyway, and not just because I know them!)


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