World’s most beautiful tweet: modesty #fail

In a poor attempt to get more publicity for the Hay Festival (think Radio 4, but even more middle class, snobby and elitist), Stephen Fry has announced “the most beautiful tweet“.

The writer of said tweet, on being honoured, was a classic Twitter #fail:

[Winner Marc MacKenzie] said he started tweeting because people kept telling him they enjoyed reading his Facebook updates.

“What I like about it is how my brain works. Occasionally I have these odd thoughts that come to me and they amuse me so I jot them down. I like sharing them and it’s an interesting form to work with.

“A certain percentage of tweets are tired cliche phrases so when they come into my head I think ‘That won’t do.’ I can’t stand triteness so I always look for ridiculousness in trite.”

I have thus taken the unusual, but absolutely necessary precautionary step of blocking Mr MacKenzie, in case his tweeting brilliance renders me unconscious.


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