Lansley: dodging the bullets already

One of the particularly interesting areas of government over the next few years – in a train wreck sort of way – will be the Department of Health.

Andrew Lansley is apparently regarded as someone who knows his stuff when it comes to health, having been Shadow Minister for several years. I’m not so sure. He seems to be in hock to the medical unions and has a dubious record when it comes to social care. He’s a tribal politician and also seems to believe his own press – not a great combination, especially given we all know what happens when ego and ignorance combine in an unholy, but unfortunately typical alliance.

As an example, take the resignation of Sir Richard Sykes over the government’s decision to halt a wave of hospital reorganisations. In response, Lansley apparently wrote to Sykes saying:

[N]either the government nor NHS London should dictate the decisions made.

If Lansley really believes this, then who does he think should dictate decisions made about the NHS in London?


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