Friday puzzle, no. 18 (one week late edition)

The Friday puzzle is one week late this week because the great scholar behind it – Wrighty – was undertaking a great intellectual pilgrimage to York last weekend [oh, ok, he was on a stag do – ed.].

Nevertheless, or eventhemore, here’s the answer to last week’s puzzle:

During the recent Dezzlup Cup, the first four horses did well to finish ahead of the opposition. After Dinner was not last and the horse wearing blue was not third. Bitter Twist was before the horse in green. Dare Devil came first. Bitter Twist finished before After Dinner. Catch Me wore red but Bitter Twist did not wear yellow. Can you determine where each horse finished and the colours they wore?

Answer: 1st – Dare Devil – Yellow / 2nd – Bitter Twist – Blue / 3rd – After Dinner – Green / 4th – Catch Me – Red.

Here’s this week’s puzzle:

How many minutes is it until six o’clock if fifty minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past three o’clock?

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