The post election verdict

“The strongest argument for rejecting the Labour Government is that after…years in office they have largely exhausted their capacity for creative thinking…the Labour Party is left with no distinctive contribution to make to the solutions of the nation’s problems”

Seems pretty prescient to me…despite the fact that it’s from a Times editorial just before the 1951 election.

Yet today’s Labour Party doesn’t have the equivalent of the NHS to build on…unless someone can point to any specific element of the Blair years that have bequeathed anything of substance to the (next) Labour revisionists to build on. The scars of this election defeat and its link to the ideological/intellectual profligacy of the Blair/Brown years are far deeper than most think. Hoping that the coalition will fold is as foolish as the hope that the inherent contradictions of capitalism will bring it down. Not sure any of the (mainly Blairite) candidates for the Labour Leadership have got that yet.


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