The Tory hung parliament video

Just before the election the Tories published this party election broadcast from the ‘Hung Parliament Party’.

Just in case it isn’t available, according to that video the four key ‘pledges’ of a Hung Parliament Party were:

  1. Behind-closed-doors politics: an end to transparency, under the table deals, party-political wrangling will dominate, and policies will be bickered over by secret committees
  2. Indecision and weak government: we will provide indecision, inaction, and half measures
  3. Paralyse the UK economy: a vote for a hung parliament risks killing economic recovery. A drop in confidence could lead to a run on the pound and a diststrous increase in interest rates.
  4. A new election within the calendar year. We’ll waste tens of millions in [holding one].

The video summarises the results of a hung parliament thus:

A brave new world of undemocratic process, economic stagnation, and dithering.

Now that the Conservatives find themselves in a hung parliament and have spent 3 days trying to form some sort of arrangement with the Lib Dems, do they still stand by their ‘hung parliament party’ broadcast?

Because if they do, it leads to all of the above coming true; and if they don’t, they were just scaring people into voting for them before the election.

Which one is it?


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