Tory civil war nothing to be smug about

There are plenty of people on Twitter this evening being smug about the Tory civil war which appears to be breaking out.

I’m not sure there’s much to be smug about. As a Labour supporter, I was keen to stress that the Tories didn’t represent much hope or change in the election. The Big Society idea was clearly BS from the start. So let’s not be pleased when a Tory frontbencher confirms what we already knew: that Tory policies were little more than a PR line that sounded good on the news bulletins and that David Cameron’s leadership was supported by a cabal barely representative of the bulk of the Tory party.

The Tories can in-fight all they want to, and those of us on the left can take as much pleasure from it as we want.

But it’s too late to harp on about it now.

The significant likelihood is that the Tories will form the next government (probably going it alone as a minority, with a supplicant Lib Dem contribution), and Labour – who should have been able to take the Tories apart – will be left stranded at the progressive altar.


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