David Cameron not being very Prime Ministerial, part 77

David Cameron has been out and about over the last 396 hours (#davefact: David Cameron was the inspiration for the Beatles’ “8 Days a Week”), of which he has spent 395 hours bemoaning Labour’s “negative campaign”:

[Cameron] launched his most personal attack yet on Gordon Brown, accusing the prime minister of the most “negative campaign anyone has fought in the history of modern British politics” and “making up untruth after untruth”. Suggesting Mr Brown had mislaid his “moral compass”, he added: “If this is the son of a preacher man, I do not know what we are hearing”.

Quite aside from the fact this is the man who brought you the £20K tombstone poster amongst many others, it’s not very Prime Ministerial to just moan about your opponents, is it? You could even suggest that it’s, well, negative campaigning.

(And what does that last bit even mean? “Son of a preacher man” is indeed a song, but just because a song is heard doesn’t mean the fictitious son of the preacher man is the one singing it.)

It’s a good job I didn’t start this series earlier – part 76 is here – otherwise all 4 of my readers would have this sort of thing at least, well, 8 days a week.

Still, if Cameron does become Prime Minister, we’ll at least have someone in office who can stay up all night and speak without notes.

Which is something, I guess.


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