Tonight’s leaders’ debate: probably rubbish

The first of the #GE10 leaders’ debates – indeed, the first ever leaders’ debate – is taking place tonight at 8.30pm on ITV1.

I’ll be watching. Of course I will.

But the debate tonight, as with the next two, will be pointless and hardly worth the time and effort placed on them.

I’ve outlined 9 substantive points as to why this will be the case.

I’ve suggested that the content of the debates being worthless will not be self-evident until after the debates themselves and that I’ll just have to write enough posts on the topic beforehand to ensure I can be suitably smug afterwards (an effort to which this post is clearly a contribution).

Stef, in one of his more elegant metaphors, has hoped against hope that the debates will shine like Gary Lineker’s tan, Whilst noting its more likely the debates will be as limp as the puns in the Match of the Day studio.

And I’ve noted that nearly half of the population doesn’t care anyway.

Amongst all the pomp and prattle, remember it’s all probably crap.


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