Friday puzzle, no.12 (“just in time for Sunday” edition)

I told you last week not to get used to the idea of a Friday puzzle on a Friday. This week’s puzzle just goes to show you.

First, the answer to last week’s puzzle:

Yesterday I went for a long bicycle ride around the local lakes. As the ride was quite long, I rode in various stages. In the first stage I rode half of the overall distance. Stage two saw half of the remaining distance plus 35 metres covered. Stage three covered three-quarters of the remaining distance. Stage four completed half of the remaining distance plus 75 metres. Stage five completed the journey with a final burst of 150 metres. How far did I cycle in total?

The answer is: 7340 metres. Now for this week’s puzzle:

At the local mid-summers fayre, four ladies are planning to delight the visitors with their speciality cakes. Mrs Archer will make a chocolate cake. Neither Mrs Bowness, Louise nor Kay Cook propose to make a vanilla cake. Julie, who is not Mrs Dancer, will make coffee. Mary will not make a plain one. You need to find their full names and who plans to make which cake.

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