He’s not the PM, he’s just a very naughty boy

All bullying should be condemned. Bulling probably goes on, in one form or another, in probably every workplace in the country. The vast majority of people in power, from your local parish council leader to you leisure centre manager, have some megalomaniac tendencies. All bears shit in the woods.

Having worked in elected government and watched ‘The Thick of It’, I know that politics fosters (as with our confrontational political and parliamentary system) quiet a bit of swearing and cock swinging. Whilst being guilty of the occasional fruity phrase or two, these were generally directed towards inanimate objects or the Lord. But I still see that swearing, anger and bullying are ultimately the products of deeper frustrations or failings. There should be and can be no “If you can’t stand the heat…” bullshit. A more cerebral and less confrontation politics would be good for politics and people. The same applies to all businesses where you get aggressive (or passive-aggressive)bullying, which is probably most. Its generally not good for morale and not good for profits. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.

I’m not shocked that this debate has fast descended into a party slanging match. I am disappointed that, yet again, neither the media nor any of the parties are using this example to reflect on our own behaviours and what they might say about the way the country/the place we work in, is run.


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