Politicians swearing? Surely not

Turns out, politicians swear! Who’d have thought it?

Erm, arbitrary constant would: we’ve covered the topic in some detail before (1, 2).

On a related note, this:

THE official slogan for the 2012 Olympics will be ‘London, City of Fucking Sport and Shit’, mayor Boris Johnson has confirmed. Mr Johnson insisted the foul-mouthed slogan not only encapsulated London’s status as one of the world’s great cities but emphasised that it would ‘host the fuck out of the Olympics’… Mr Johnson was joined at the launch by Beijing gold medallists Rebecca Adlington and cyclist Sir Chris Hoy who he described as ‘fast as fuck on a bike’.

He added: “Fuck me if the London Olympics are not going to be absolutely cocktastic. The city will be filled with fuckers from every corner of the globe.”

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