What crisis?

Private Eye isn’t the sort of publication to let anyone off the hook. And it’s not known for letting something drop, either, which is especially great news if you’ve been following the difficulties of the Liberal Democrats of the last couple of weeks.
Here’s a couple of satirical headlines from the Eye this week:

‘YES, I’M LIB DEM’ Admits Gap MP

Two further articles deserve more than one line, though:

Letters to the Editor
Sir — Like many of your readers, I was shocked and appalled by the story of Mr Mark Oaten and the rent-boys. How the standards of public life have fallen! In my day, a rent-boy could be relied upon to maintain a discreet silence regarding the identity and predilections of their clients… Things have come to a petty pass when a man cannot even indulge in an afternoon of innocent homosexual dalliance, without the news reaching his wide and children courtesy of the popular press.

That’s pretty close to the bone but still funny enough to be repeated here. This next article is funnier:

IS IT fair that we as a mature sophisticated nation allow the Liberal Democrat Party to kill themselves in a painful, protracted and humiliating way? Surely we should permit this elderly and weak party to terminate themselves in private with some modicum of…

I’m not sure about that — I’m quite enjoying it. I’m also quite willing to take this sort of treatment if and when other major political parties start to hit the rougher times.


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