Because they’re worth it

The letters page of the Metro always cheers me up of a morning. Why? Let’s look at a prime example from today’s “newspaper” to see:

So Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry is “staggered” that his manager and players were not honoured by the Queen for their Champions League success. Is he mad? They’re footballers, for heaven’s sake. Have they risked their lives, as our Armed forces do in conflict every day? Do they nurse or police? Do they clear up after suicide bombers or fly to disaster areas with little regard for their own safety? No!
Colin Page, Essex.

As I recall, the rugby World Cup-winning team didn’t risk their lives in conflict, England’s Ashes heroes have never nursed or policed anyone and Ellen MacArthur has very rarely cleared up after a suicide bomber. But were they honoured by the Queen for their respective successes? Yes!
It’s not Rick Parry that’s mad: it’s clearly the Queen!


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